Aneka mesin kemasan HARGA MURAH dengan KUALITAS BERGARANSI

1 SF150LW multi functional film sealer 150x150 PRODUK1. AUTOMATIC SEALING Machine
2 PEDAL MODEL 150x150 PRODUK2. PEDAL Sealing Machine
3 PCS200C hand film sealer 150x150 PRODUK3. HAND Sealer
4 FXJ5050 semi automatic carton sealer 150x150 PRODUK4.CARTON Sealer
5 DZ300 Automatic Vaccum Packager 150x150 PRODUK5. VACUUM Packager
6 DDYM520 Pad Printing Machine 150x150 PRODUK6. Pad Printing Machine & Exp Date
7 HP241B colored tape hot printer 150x150 PRODUK7. HOT PRINT & Exp Date
8 FRD1000W Solid Inker Printing Sealer 150x150 PRODUK8. Solid-Ink CODING Machine
9 HW 450 hand wrapping machine 150x150 PRODUK9. Hand WRAPPING Machine
10 PP A5 aotomatic cup sealer 150x150 PRODUK10. CUP SEALER Machine
11 SF320 laminating machine 150x150 PRODUK11. Laminating Machine
12 FL 500 Induction Sealing Machine 150x150 PRODUK12. Induction Sealing Machine
13 DK 50Z Locking Capping Machine 150x150 PRODUK13. Locking & BOTTLE CAPPING
14 TB390 skin packager machine 150x150 PRODUK14. SKIN Packager Machine
15 BSD350 Thermal Shrink packing Machine 150x150 PRODUK15. Thermal SHRINK Packing
16 DXDK20 GRanule Packing Machine 150x150 PRODUK16. Granular & Powder FILLING
17 QSG automatic filling machine 150x150 PRODUK17. LIQUID Filling Machine
18 BL 2000B pallet strech wrapping machine 150x150 PRODUK18. Pallet Stretch Wrapping
19 BX3050 Automatic Blister Sealer Machine 150x150 PRODUK19. Automatic Blister Sealer
20 SMO6T semi automatic strapping machine 150x150 PRODUK20. STRAPPING Machine

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